Headshot of Spencer March

Hi, I'm Spencer March

My name is Spencer March. I’m a digital strategist and technologist who believes all businesses can benefit from the adoption of unique and new technologies. I love working with passionate and ambitious people to develop creative solutions and engage in complex problem-solving.  

Growing up, I watched my father cover the tech industry as a trade magazine editor and publisher, enjoying the hand-me-downs and freebies he was sent. By age 10, I’d graduated from Palm Pilots and my friend and I had used our AOL webspace to create a satirical tabloid news site (complete with annoying banner ads) and created our own “AI” bot using Visual Basic. A digital talking carrot who could pick up on some words and give you one of a few canned replies back. 

Fun and trivial at the time, looking back, I can see how these kinds of experiences shaped me. I soon found myself tinkering with everything, even attempting to program into the ECU of my first car to squeeze out some extra horsepower (an expensive “learning opportunity.”) After finishing high school, I arrived to Rochester Institute of Technology’s campus and immediately found myself surrounded by people just as curious as me, but who were doing much cooler stuff. Courses titled “Managing Innovation and Technology” and “B2B Marketing Strategy” really piqued my interest.

While completing college classes, I had always held a part time job as a student assistant with the college’s Development Office, but it wasn’t until an NYC-based PR firm hired me as an intern in their recently-opened satellite office that I really started to find out what kind of work I really enjoyed doing.

What started off as a job to complete a co-op requirement for graduation turned into a long-term job where I found I really enjoyed researching, writing, interviewing, and all of the little bits of specialized knowledge I got to pick up along the way thanks to a diverse client base in hardware, software, clean energy, and biotech. 

At one point, I profiled the firm’s founder for a class assignment, interview an entrepreneur, and I found myself particular inspired by hearing the harrowing tale of how my employer almost never made it happen if it weren’t for his AMEX. 

My academic and professional lives were aligned, everything seemed to kind of “click” and I knew I’d have to pursue a career that matched my interests, I’d have to prepare myself to take some risks or else I’d be miserable.  

I was lucky enough to get myself a job offer with an ambitious entrepreneur before I had even graduated. I was finishing college a semester early and immediately hit the workforce as a commercialization consultant working alongside the company’s founder to help clean energy and clean tech companies raise money from public and private sources.

A couple of months later, a big software company coaxed me with an offer to be a project manager – their youngest hire ever for such a role – which I’d be lying if I said didn’t intimidate the shit out of me. Thinking about when I worked there honestly still makes me cringe, but in the two years I spent working there, I learned more about myself than I ever had before. 

Watching a growing movement towards entrepreneurship and seeing the creation of a next generation of internet, today known as Web 2.0, I knew I wanted to participate. I quit my job and took the leap into supporting myself, taking a very long and sometimes painful journey, through software entrepreneurship. 

Just like the entrepreneur who first motivated me, I nearly went bankrupt in the process and wouldn’t have survived without credit cards. A quick 18 months passed and we had negotiated our way into a partnership that turned into our exit. We’d done what most startups at the time were dreaming of. No one got rich, I’d broken even, but was ecstatic and set on a path to continue using tech to help businesses solve their problems. 

Now over 10 years later in 2018, I’ve successfully helped dozens of businesses reach their marketing and sales goals through various uses of tech. I’ve held posts as a market researcher, marketing strategist, demand generation consultant, and product manager. Currently, I work as the principal owner and managing director of Sirius Growth, a digital marketing and demand generation agency, where I work with clients in healthcare, IT, finance, and sporting goods.

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